Our Staff:

Staff, volunteers and friends of IDEAS


Avvari "Shouri" Showraiah is the director and founder of IDEAS. He studied theology and philosophy with the Franciscan friars at Bangalore and also did his masters in sociology. He had a vast experience of working with street and working children in Chennai with Nesakkarm (Seeds) as a Franciscan priest. He has been working for street and working children for the last 17 years of his life. Now he lives with the street and working children, who found their new home at IDEAS.


With Rajeswari, who is the cook at IDEAS and a German volunteer (changes every year) there are totally always 3 adults living at IDEAS.

nageswariNageswari mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi

But additionally IDEAS has some more staff taking care and working for the children at IDEAS and every child in need in Tiruvuru. The staff members take classes to help the children with their studies, they dance and play with them as well. Some staff members take classes in their colonies as non-formal education helping working and street children with their studies. These classes take place in the evening, because at this time most children are back from the shops or fields where they are working.


As we cooperate with the National Domestic Workers Movement IDEAS also has staff members, who take care of them. They visit their homes, talk to them, aware them of their rights, conduct rallies and organize them.

Additional to our regular staff there are also a lot of volunteers working at IDEAS.