The world was shocked by the deadly devastation caused by terror tidal wave of Tsunami, killing more than 1,00,000 people and making millions homeless.
The Machilipatnam area is also one of the victim as 30 people died here, there property is lost. IDEAS (Initiatives in development, Empowerment, and awareness society) took an initiative to seek donations to support the Victims. Ideas voluntary organization sent an Appeal to Various organizations & Friends. As a result the schools & Friends in Germany responded to our appeal.

Support of rice & blankets to the tsunami victims :

14th January 2005 German volunteers, Juliane Wintz, Stefan and Shouri the director of IDEAS, visited Fr. George, the local parish priest of Manganapudi to take his advise, how & where to distribute the rice & Blankets we have brought with us. Fr. George directed us to Kannur village.At Kannur village, 5 Kg of rice to 65 families and each of them received Blanket too.The people were so happy that the timely help has come to them.

Support to the beach – Vendors:

The sea water has destroyed the pulling carts of the beach – vendors in Machilipatnam. Due to our appeal the Schools in Erkelenz, Germany, Cusanus – Gymnasium, Cornelius – Burgh Gymnasium, Eine-welt Ag, Erkelenz also the Parish of Hueckel-Hoven, Germany and Friends like Mr. Ferdinand Kehren, Miss Andrea altogether sent euros 6500.00 in Indian currency Rs. 3,66,731.00
When we received the amount in cash we rushed to the Beach again, this time we would like to do rehabilitation work. We selected the 18 people who lost their pulling carts due to the force of the water at beach. We repaired & replaced the pulling carts of the 18 beach vendors in Machilipatnam.


1 Addala Gangamma Pulling cart
2 Badugu Narayana Rao Pulling cart
3 Murali Nageswara Rao Pulling cart
4 Matta Nageswara Rao Pulling cart
5 Marle Gangaraju Pulling cart
6 Thalapuri Thrimurthulu Ice cream cart
7 Putti Pothu Raju Fish cart
8 Bivarapu Venkanna Barbary shop
9 Penumudi Ramanujamma Pulling cart
10 Gudise Veeramma Pulling cart
11 Devara Satyavathi Petti shop
12 Kollipara Anasuyamma Pulling cart
13 Vanka Rangaiah Pulling cart
14 Kolligadda Deesting Raju Pulling cart
15 Gajula Ranaga Rao Pulling cart
16 Aavula Badrinath Pulling cart
17 Panchula Nancharamma Pulling cart
18 Mohd. Anvar Ice cream cart

There was a feastive mood & great happiness among the beneficiaries & the families of beneficiaries. The beneficiars expressed the gratitude & said “because of you, we can live again & raise our heads high, you give us new life, we can earn our living with dignify” Fr. George, the parish priest of Mangnipudi Parish, Fr. M.G. Selvinraj S.J. of Andhra Loyala College & Shouri Director of Ideas were present while distributing the repaired pulling carts to the beneficiaries at the beach.The local press appreciated the work done by IDEAS by writing in their news papers.


78 fishermen received fishing nets and ropes at Sirangipalem village. The German schools have sent the money to Misereor, who sent them to us for the support of Tsunami Victims. The fishermen were so happy that their lives would be changed for better. We have spent only for fisher nets more then Euros 4000.00. We also took the video & photos while giving the fishing nets to the fisher community.
We also gave 50 school bags to the school going children of Siringipalem Village.


The fishermen of Sirangipalem village & Ideas voluntary organization are so grateful to the cusanus – Gymnasium, Erkelenz, Cornelius – Burgh Gymnasium, Erkelenz, Eine-welt Ag, Erkelenz, The parish of Hueckelhoven & Friends like Mr. Ferdinand Kehren, Ms. Andrea who are instruments in supporting the Tsunami Victims. The Ideas voluntary organization also thanks Misereor who channeled the funds for Tsunami Victims through their organization.

We are grateful to Mr. Frank Joussen & Eine-welt Ag, who took lot of trouble in sending the money in time for Tsunami victims. We do acknowledge & thank His Grace Most Rev. Bp. Walter Sullivan from Richmond diocese U.S.A. who also supported the Tsunami Victims.

The world is better place with such a lot of generous & helpful people. Because of you we can bring smiles & joy to the Tsunami victims.