Awareness Camps 2005:


IDEAS in its journey with street and working children saw the need of motivating and insiring street children to dream big and to dig out the inmate capacities of children; thus requested assistance from MZF long ago in the year 2000 itself, however it was approved only in 2004 and the camps were conducted in April, May of 2005.

Goal and Object of motivational camps:

The goal of motivational camps is to make the street and working children to dream big and work on it. To create belongingess with one another and with us. To regain the lost childhood through play and song. To learn life skills to be in the mainstream in life.


We made several visits to the colonies where children live with their parents and informed them about the creative camps for their children. Some of them aer happy that children have opportunity to learn in the camps. The others were relucant to send their children. We also collected materials needed for the camp. The clay, papers, charts, colours, stories, songs, banners, cloth, sketch pencils, colour pencils all these materials were bought for the children. We also contacted resource person to participate in the camp and interact with children.

The Details of the Introductory Camps:

First camp: 21-23rd April - 45 girls
Second camp: 25th-27th April - 52 boys
Third camp: 28th,29,30th April - 16 girls + 15 boys = 31
Fourth camp: 2,3,4th May - 30 boys and 25 girls = 55
Fifth camp: 5,6,7th May - 34 boys and 20 girls = 54
Sixth camp: 9,10,11th May - 23 girls and 10 boys = 33
Seventh camp: 12,13,14th May - 22 girls and 17 boys = 39
Eight camp: 15,16,17th May - 10 girls and 8 boys = 18
Ninth camp: 18,19,20th May - 20 girls and 12 boys = 32
Tenth camp: 21,22,23rd May - 26 boys and 11 girls = 37
Big camp (1): 24,25th May - 74 boys and 33 girls = 107
Big camp (2): 26,27th May - 74 girls and 64 boys = 139

Time-table of camp:

8.45 = Arrival and Registration
9.00 = Prayer and Assembly
9.15-10.15 = Introductory session
10.15-10.30 = Refreshmants
10.30-11.30 = Painting
11.30-12.30 = Class on good manners, stories, songs
12.30-1.00 = Lunch
1.30-3.00 = Movie
3.00-4.00 = Games and Sports
4.00-4.15 = Refreshments
4.15-5.15 = Clay moulding
5.15-6.00 = Evaluation
6.00 = Departure


The beneficiaries of this motivational camps are street children, working children, orphan children, children who are studying in our non-formal education centres
We have conducted 10 introductory camps, for the total of 396 children, our of which 192 are girls and 204 are boys. We also organized two big gatherings for the first big camp 107 children participated our of which 74 are boys and 33 are girls. Then again for the second big camp 139 hildren participated, in which 75 are girls and 64 are boys. The most of the children belong to the low caste or dalit community. For most of the children, lots of problems are there at home, for them "Home" is not a SWEET home at all. The guests and the resources persons who participated in the camp are very appreciative of these camps as there "children at risk" are given a break from their work and given opportunity to express themselves.

Creative sessions:

The awareness camp will motivate them gradually to make each child to draw up a plan by him/herself for own future. The motivational camps will help them set the goals and targets they have to achieve in their lives and show them the ways and means possible for the achievement of these goals. At the end of the camp, we are sure that we will be able to have each child make his/her own future with the awareness and motivation drives receive from the camp session. The motivation education is also needs a longer period of at least 3-4 days at a stretch to get planned results from the participants. Organizing these camps at a different places other than their dwelling places of the children have many advantages for the participants and the organization. We will be able to make full use of all possible educational aids (Audio and Visual communication material) when they are exhibited in a conductive atmosphere. We will be able to get the experts in the field and other resource persons for the motivation education, when the sessions are conducted at right places and in planned schedule. The animators will be able to concentrate fully on the programmes without the progress of each child and help them individually during the outside the camp.