International Women's Day Rally:

On 08.03.2006 we organized a rally through Tiruvuru. The whole rally consisted only of women (with some exeptions of course) as it was their special day. Together with other organisation as Balavikasa and Suraksha we called women to participate in the rally.

About 80 Women participated in the rally and shouted slogans while walking. The Rally went through the mainroad of Tiruvuru to the Mandal Revenue Office. There the women talked with the Mandal Revenue Officer about their situation and demands.
Women aren't independend in India as there is always someone, who controls them. First the father and brothers and later the husband and sons. They are always dominated (looked after...) by men! They can hardly decide for themselves.
The press coverage of our programme wasn't very good as on this very day a lot of programmes were conducted.