Our Activities:

Shelter home for street children:

Our mainwork is maintenance of our shelter home for street and working children. As there is no school duty for children and getting income through child labour is common practice in India many children are out of school. These children try to make money through begging, rag-picking or pulling carts to sell cheap goods. Some also work in shops. In our hostel we take children, who are orphans, school-dropouts, working or street children. In general: We take every child at risk!
To offer them a better life with guidance, education and security we run a shelter home for them. The children live here in the hostel and they get basic things as nutritious food, clothes, soaps, toothpowder, coconut oil. Here they can enjoy their childhood. Here they can live a normal life. We offer them a lot of games and activities so the children are interested in staying here. We have a computer and a TV, where the children can relax before they go to sleep. After school the children enjoy playing basketball,volleyball and badminton. But we offer also indoor activities as chess, carrom or painting. We teach our children songs and drama playing, too. They are always happy, when they can act in a small drama.
It is very important to show these children that you care for them. When they are sick we take them to hospital and we buy medicin for them. The children get 3 times a day meals and sometimes we buy fruits or sweets for them. We keep the children away from the streets so they get a more positive image of society and life.
We have regular visitors of street and rag-picking children, too. They come to see a good film or to play a bit with our IDEAS children. They always enjoy coming here to take a break from work and their street life. We ask them to join our hostel or our school, but the parents (if they have any) or themselves don't want to join, thus we cannot do anything more than ask, ask and ask...

IDEAS Public School:
(SCHOOL CLOSED FOR 2006/07 - Searching for sponsor)

The Idea of starting a school took place in Erkelenz, while discussing the partnership Of volunteers of Cusanus Gymnasium, Eine Welt AG with IDEAS voluntary organization, At Tiruvuru, Andhra Pradesh, India.
From the year 2000, onwards the IDEAS has been continuously receiving Eine Welt AG volunteers to help out children of shelter home at Tiruvuru. It was a loud thinking from then onwards, If there is a school, the volunteers could be more useful in teaching English to the students. The children of IDEAS have been going to government school, where they receive so little education; it was a total waste to sent the children there.
There are many private schools in Tiruvuru, but for all of them the student has to pay money. Due to all these reasons, we started our own school basically for the children of IDEAS and to welcome whoever will come into our school.
The advantages of an own school are that we can teach very individualy on the need of every pupil. Many of them never visited a good school, so even in the higher classes some students have difficulties with the Telugu and Latin Alphabet. It is good to have teachers, who care for these problems and help the student instead of ignoring the problem.
Now we are running the IDEAS public school for the second year and we are very happy to be independent. Unfortunatly not many students from outside join our school. We have about 45 students and 30 are IDEAS boys.

Non-Formal Educational Centres:

We run these centres now for a long time in different colonies of Tiruvuru. Every evening a volunteer gives classes to about 40 children. They teach also songs or organize games for them. They also look after the children if they attend school or if they are sent to work. Most of the children in our colonies go to Government School as they don't need to pay there. But therefor you don't get much education.
Our volunteers help them to understand things and they look after their homework. Through this activitie we have about 400 children in our regular contact.

Co-operation with NDWM:

We Co-operate with National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) and organize the unorganized and exploited domestic workers. Our staff member Kamalamma walks around Tiruvuru to contact and counsel them. We organize meetings and talk about their problems. We try to encourage them to fight for rights.
We aware the society through rallys and street plays. For child domestic workers we try to join them in a hostel and talk to the parents to convince them that education is better for them and the child. If a child once joined in domestic work its hard to get out of it, because of lack of education.

Camps and Picnics:

In our summer camps we offer a lot of games and activities for about 400 street children. The heart of the camps is to conduct creative activities and relaxing activities for children. The children learn next to games, songs, dances also group discussions so the child learns more about him and other children, who have same or different experiences. Our camp has a motivational issue, too. We encourage the children to go to school and to study. It is important for the child to know that he can change his life if he goes to school and studies well. So we may change the future of some children too.
When we go for picnic with our children we visit a nice place as a ancient fort or temple. The children get the opportunity to explore different places as many of them never left their hometown or village. This also has a educational purpose as the children get a image of the world they life in. It's bigger than their village and with good studies they can see more of the world.
We organize regularly small picnics with our IDEAS children and big ones during our camps.