Our Children:

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Caused by the plague of poverty many children in India are forced to work. They work as beggers, rag-pickers (collecting valueable material and selling it), in shops but some do also dangerous work for companys like handling poison or chemicals. In the rural areas many work on the fields or they sell cheap things on the street like peanuts.
As there is no school-duty and many people live below the poverty line they need the income earned by their kids. It is often easier for a child to find a job as for an adult. Child labour is always cheap labour. The law doesn't care much about it.
Especially in rural areas many street children still have a family, but they don't care much about the child. Many fathers are alcoholics, so they need daily money for liquor and some of them become violent when they are drunk.
Many of the parents are illiterate and some tribals think they shouldn't study, so they don't send their children to school. The caste-system is still in the minds of most Indians.
The street children live most of their time on the street together with other children, trying to earn some money. The other children become his family and they only go home to get some sleep or rice. They feel unwanted by their parents and by the society as they are not treated well on the streets. In bigger cities many of them take cheap afforable drugs to forget for a moment their life.
Noone cares for them and so they are dirty, wear dirty clothes and they don't eat nutritious food. Due the lack of good water, food, medicine and hygienic articles as soaps they are often sick, but theu cannot afford a hospital or doctor.
Withour guidance they face and manage the life on the street, which sometimes is dangerous an brutal. Even in our small town Tiruvuru there are a lot of street children and as Indias population is growing the number of street children will also increase.