About IDEAS:

Tiruvuru is located 78 km north-west of Vijayawada, a big city in Andhra Pradesh. It is 250 km away from Hyderabad and 600 km from Chennai (Madras). To see a detailed map of out region click here. The main language here is Telugu and most people are Hindus. Tiruvuru has about 40.000 inhabitants but it is more a big village than a small town. The Krishna District is known in Andhra Pradesh for its agricultur. The primary sector is the most important in our District: 75% are employed in this sector. Due to highly migration from other Districts to Krishna and migration from the small villages to the town Tiruvuru grows bigger and bigger. And the problems caused by poverty are growing, too:
Child labour, street children, exploitation of poor and landless labourers are just a few problems on the streets on Tiruvuru.

IDEAS was founded by Shouri to fight for the rights of exploited children. Our main target groups are street and working children, but generally we work for all children at risk. We are a small regional NGO, which lives in close contact with the inhabitant population.

We started an home for homeless, street and working children in Tiruvuru. We share a vision of a society in which children do not have to bear the burdens of depreciation, hopelessness and unhappiness.
We reach out to children at risk through our street presence and offer in our shelter home guidance and basic needs for the children. We care for those, who have no one except themselves.
We also work for the empowerment of Domestic Workers, who have to face a very difficult situation in India: They are not accepted as workers! They are called servants and have therefor not the same rights as workers have. Under the flag of the National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) we organize and unite them. We encourage them to fight for their rights.

NGO Profile:

I. Name of the organization: Initiatives in Development, Empowerment and Awareness Society (IDEAS)
II. Registration: 308/1998
III. Date of Registration: 2nd December 1998
IV. Place of Registration: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
V. Address of the Organization: 15/250B Rajupet Tiruvuru 521 235 Krishna Dt. Andhra Pradesh, India
VI. FCRA registration number: 010260225
VII. E-mail ID: ideas@ideas-ngo.in
VIII. Contact Name and Designation With in the organization: Mr. Avvari Showraiah, Executive Director
IX. The Number of Staff working in the organization: 8 Full-time and 4 Part-time